Craps Betting Tips for the Uninitiated

Everyone remembers the first time they ever looked at a craps table. It is both a surprising and a challenging first time view at a very elaborate table layout. It would always leave beginners dumbstruck as to the number of possible wagers that can be made. Other things that will add to this experience include the house edges for each of the possible bets and their winning percentages.

To help out new players, and to give them a taste of what it's like to win in craps, we've listed a few craps betting tips. These are a set of best betting practices to help distinguishing what bets in this game are worth making. Everyone will need craps betting tips, especially those who are new to the game.

The very first in these craps betting tips we have is to avoid making proposition bets. The only exception to this would have to be when you're ready to lose the money you just wagered then it might just be ok to make that proposition bet. The house edge for proposition bets is really high and you don't get second chances to win.

The next pointer in our set of craps betting tips is to never make lay bets. Lay bets are charged with a commission, which totals to five percent. The commission is only one of two reasons to avoid this craps bet. The other reason to avoid this wager is its low winning odds. The low chances of winning and the commission you pay if you do win make it a bad bet altogether.

However, if you want to just try making a lay bet then go ahead. One tip is that you should make your lay bets in exact denominations. Dealers will round down your wager thus trimming down your possible winnings. When you do make a lay bet, expect to lose that money since you probably will given its odds.

Next tip is to make field bets in moderation. Compared to other craps bets, the house edge for the field bets is a bit lower at 5.5%. The difficulty with this wager is that you can lose your money with just one roll of the dice, unlike other wagers in craps. The most you can do with field bets is to add variety to your set of wagers.

The last in our set of craps betting tips is always make free odds bets. These may yet be the best bets you will ever make in craps. Compared to other wagers, these craps bets have a stunningly low house edge of 1.5%, which is very beneficial for players.

These craps betting tips will help new players sort through the many wagers one can make in this game. Take note of the craps bets that are recommended and the wagers that you should avoid.